b"Park InformationJohn J. Hickey and Sandy E. Sanel Dog Park at Terrill ParkThe newly relocated Dog Park is open daily dawn to dusk. The Dog Park is maintained by the Pope Memorial SPCA. Without the volunteers from the SPCA we would not have a dog park. If you are interested in helping maintain the dog park please contact the Pope Memorial SPCA.Dog Park Rules and Regulations1. All dog owners must scoop the poop and properly remove and dispose of it. The park is 100% carry out as trash bins are not available.2. Handlers must be in the off-leash area and supervise their dogs at all times. No more than two dogs per handler at any time.3. Aggressive dogs must be removed immediately4. All dogs must have proof of current license and vaccinations5. No puppies under 4 months allowed: older puppies must have completed their shots6. No female dogs in heat allowed7. No animals other than dogs are permitted8. Handlers are responsible for filling in holes that their dogs dig9. Dogs must be leashed when entering or existing the off-leash area10. No choke or prong collars, gentle leaders or halties allowed in the off leash area.WE LOVE WORKING WITH OUR FUTURE LEADERSConcord Parks and Recreation extends a huge thank you to Elizabeth and Abby from Girl Scout Troop #10162.Over the past year they raised over $2000 for agility equipment for our new dog park.The equipment was installed this spring.Job well done - Thank You Ladies!DOG LEASH LAW AND DOG WASTE ORDINANCEThe City of Concord welcomes dogs in our parks and open spaces. However, the City does have an ordinance requiring dogs be on a leash and for owners to pick up their dog's waste.Please pick up and remove your dog's waste.Keep all dogs on a leash while using any of our neighborhood parks. STORY WALK AT KEACH PARKA HUGE thank you to Jackson Weber for choosing to install a Story Walk at Keach Park for his Eagle Project! Stop by Keach Park to enjoy a walk and a story. The first story is the classic Corduroy! The story walk begins at the parking lot adjacent to the community center and moves clockwise around the park.2021 Summer & Fall Page 7www.concordparksandrec.com"