b"General InformationCommunity InformationPurchase a Park Bench Our Park Bench Program allows individuals and companies to buy a park bench in one or more of our parks.The cost of each bench is $1,500.00 and includes an engraved plaque. Department staff will review available locations with you, order the bench, and then install the cement base and bench when it arrives. For more information on our park bench program and to download an application please visit our web site.STORY WALK AT KEACH PARKA HUGE thank you to Jackson Weber for choosing to install a Story Walk at Keach Park for his Eagle Project! Stop by Keach Park to enjoy a walk and a story. The current story is Coach Ride Around Concord. The story walk begins at the parking lot adjacent to the community center and moves clockwise around the park.4CyanMagentaYellowBlackArt Gallery at theCity Wide Community CenterConcord Parks & Recreation is excited to announce we have added a community art gallery to the City Wide Community Center. The gallery is located in the south hallway outside of the gymnasium. This space will be designated to display art from local artists. If you are interested in displaying your art please contact Laura Bryant at Lbryant@concordnh.gov or603-225-8690.DOG LEASH LAW ANDDOG WASTE ORDINANCEThe City of Concord welcomes dogs in our parks, cemeteries and open spaces. However, the City does have an ordinance requiring dogs be on a leash and for owners to pick up their dog's waste (City Ordinance 6-1-5).Please pick up and remove your dog's waste.Keep all dogs on a leash at all times.2022 Summer & Fall Page 4www.concordparksandrec.com"