b'GenAedrauall tI nCflaosrmseastionFITNESS All Yoga Participants:Please dress in unrestrictive clothing, bring a water bottle and yoga mat. Yoga is practiced in bare feet or you can bring yoga socks with sticky pads on the soles.Yoga For Backs- Ages 18+Instructor:Nancy KalinskiDo you have back problems?Have you tried yoga to help your back?Yoga for BacksWhen:Saturdays, 9 - 10 a.m. is a medically based yoga class specifically designed to improve back pain and function,Location:City Wide Community Center and prevent future back injuries.This class is for individuals currently experiencing mildCost: $69 Resident, $79 Non-Residentto moderate back pain and other spine-related problems.It is also for anyone looking toDatesCode continue the benefits of a previous back surgery or physical therapy program.These back3/4 - 4/8600433-4and neck classes are for people with chronic back and/or neck injuries or for injuries past4/15 - 5/20600433-5the immediate acute phase.They offer a comprehensive, progressive, safe and effective approach to back and neck healing.When:Thursdays, 9 - 10 a.m.Yoga For Arthritis- Ages 16+ Location:City Wide Community CenterInstructor:Nancy KalinskiDatesCodeCostYoga for Arthritis is a medically based yoga class specifically 3/16 - 4/6 (4 weeks) 600435-4$46 Res$56 Non-Res designed to improve pain and mobility. This gentle class is for 4/13 - 5/18 600435-5 $69 Res, $79 Non-Res individuals currently experiencing mild to moderate joint pain.The benefits for people with arthritis range from increased strength, balance and flexibility to an improved sense of wellbeing. Yoga offers a comprehensive, progressive, safe and effective approach to healing.There are over 75 trials published on yoga in major medical journals.Yoga For MS- Ages 18+ Instructor:Nancy KalinskiIf you have MS this yoga class is for you.The on-going class teaching style takes into account any balance, muscle stiffness and fatigue you may be experiencing that can be common with MS.We work in a chair or with mats to provide the best learning environment for you on the day of the class.Although this is a class setting, the work is very individual and you get the special attention you need to get the most benefit.Note: If you are new to the class, please contact the instructor first to make sure this class is appropriate for you. (nkalinski@gmail.com)YOGA FOR MSWhen:Saturdays, 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.Location:City Wide Community Center Cost: $20 Resident, $30 Non-ResidentDatesCode 3/4 - 4/8600446-4 4/15 - 5/20600446-5Spring 2023Page 7www.concordparksandrec.com'