b'GenAedraull tI nCfloarsmseastionDOG OBEDIENCE TRAININGRequirements:- One dog over the age of 12 weeks.- A large link chain or a rolled nylon slip collar 1.5 to 2 inches larger than your dogs neck.(The collars are mistakenly called choke collars.We do not choke dogs.)- A six foot leash, leather or nylon, of suitable thickness for your dogs weight.- A 15 foot long line, generally nylon (this is going to get dirty), of suitable thickness for your dogs weight.-Optional, but strongly recommended, a variable stimulation, vibrating e-collar from either the www.collarclinic.com or www.sportdog.comBasic & Advanced Dog Obedience - Ages 16+Instructor:Maurice ReganThis eight-week obedience course will teach you and your dog to heel on your left side on a loose leash, sit and down on a single command and hold that position when you walk away, and come when called when on a long line.Your dog will also learn to hold a stand when examined by others and to out or leave distractions when requested.For handlers and their dogs that have completed an introductory, basic obedience this course will build on the skills taught in the basic course.Handlers and their dogs will further refine their skills in heeling and automatic sits, sit-stays and down-stays on command and at a distance, and holding the sit and down-stays for extended periods of time in more distracting environments.Dogs and their handlers will learn to work reliably in public areas.Graduates of this advanced course should be ready to test for the United Kennel Club Specialized Pet Obedience TestA 6-foot leash, leather or nylon, of suitable thickness for your dogs weight. Dates: Wednesdays, March 22 - May 10 A 15-foot-long line, generally nylon (this is going to get dirty), of suitable When: 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.thickness for your dogs weight. Location:City Wide Community Center Cost: $130 Residents, $140 Non-ResidentsCode: 600903-4Lost Dog Prevention and Recovery - Ages 16+Instructor:Maurice Regan Dates: Saturday, March 11Not if, but whenSeemingly in the life of every dog there is a timeWhen: 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.when they are lost.Most of the time the loss they are lost briefly andLocation:City Wide Community Center the dog returns home.There are other times that end in grief. Cost: $15 Residents, $25 Non-ResidentsThis one hour presentation will review all the methods a dog ownerCode: 600929-1can take to reduce the likelihood of losing their dog, recovering their lost dog, and help others in recovering their lost dogs.Topics includeoThoroughly identifying your dogoDangerous times and days when your dog may go missingoPrevention, including obedience trainingoMyths and realities regarding the recovery of missing dogsoCommunity and online resourcesoGPS collars, the use and misuseoHow to help other dog owners with lost dogsSpring 2023Page 6www.concordparksandrec.com'