b"General InformationPool Hours & RulesPOOL REGULATIONS POOL PASSES1.Parents/Guardians are responsible for watching their children at allConcord & Penacook Residents: No charge for use of city pools. times.Non-swimmers must be within arm's reach at all times. Pool passes are not required for Concord/Penacook residents. 2.It is recommended that all non-swimmers and children eight yearsHowever, residency checks will be conducted daily throughout the old and younger wear a life jacket at all times.The City of Concordsummer. Please always bring your photo ID with you when you come requires that life jacket to be a Coast Guard Approved Class 3 lifeto the pools. jacket or better (3, 2 or 1).3.No one is permitted in the pool at any time unless a Lifeguard is onNon-Resident Families:Passes may be purchased at the City Wide duty. Community Center beginning June 5th at 9 am.Cost of aNon-Resident pool pass is $125 per family.The pool pass is 4.Throwing debris, refuse or any foreign matter in any pool isgood at all pools all season.prohibited.5.Any unruly action such as dunking, pushing, or spitting in the poolNon-Resident 48 hour pool pass will be available for is prohibited. purchase at the City Wide Community Center (Monday - Friday 8- 5 p.m.)$20 per 48 hour pass.Passes sold 6.NO ONE UNDER AGE 10 is allowed in the pool area unlessbeginningFriday, June 16, 2023.accompanied by an adult (over 16 yrs of age). 7.Diving is prohibited at all pools.Pool Guest Policy: Residents and Non-Residents may bring guests to the pool.Guests are allowed on a 1 to 1 ratio for ages 10 and 8.Prohibited from the pool and pool area are: soaps and cleaningolder( i.e. each person over 10 years old may bring one guest).agents of any kind.Also prohibited are animals (domestic and wild), glass containers, tobacco, and alcohol.Smoking is not allowed in the pool area.9.The following are prohibited from all pools:Floats, masks/goggles which cover the airway, and noseplugs. POOL UPDATE!10. All persons admitted in the pool are subject to inspection by theAt this time we are hopeful we will be able to open all seven Lifeguard for open cuts and sores and may be denied entrance forpools, however it will depend on the number of lifeguards health reasons by the Lifeguard. we are able to hire.Please check our website in early June 11.All swimmers must wear a regular swimsuit at all times andfor official pool opening information and hours.showers must be taken before entering the pool.12.Anyone distracting or interfering with the Lifeguard on duty, orAnyone interested in becoming a lifeguard should apply disobeying instructions of any of the above listed regulations willonline at www.concordnh.gov.All certification costs will be be subject to criminal penalty under the Law (Chapter 5, Revisedreimbursed by Concord Parks and Recreation.Ordinances, City of Concord).13. Children who are not completely toilet trained must wear tight fitting rubber pants or disposable swim pants, e.g.Little Swimmers.14. Lifeguards are authorized to expel any person from the pool premises for violation of any Pool Regulation or for just cause. The violator is subject to prosecution under the law.Any person expelled from the pool must leave the park immediately.PARENT/GUARDIAN EXPECTATIONS When using the City of Concord Pools please remember the following:Please actively supervise your children. Lifeguards are on duty to enforce rules and regulations and to respond to emergencies. Ultimately, parents and guardians are responsible for their children. All life jackets worn by children in City pools must be at least a Type 1, 2 or 3 Coast Guard approved life jacket.No exceptions! RENT-A-POOLNo substitutions!Please keep children within arms reach when they are in the water. All City swimming pools, excluding White Park Pool, are available Limit the use of electronic devices including cell phones. for rent Saturday or Sunday mornings for childrens birthday parties, neighborhood parties or other family gatherings.The rental rate Review pool rules with your children. is $110 ($125 for non-residents) which includes two lifeguards Make sure children use the showers before entering the pool. and use of the rest rooms and pool area from 10 am - noon.Full payment is due when your reservation is made.No rain dates Apply sun block often to your children and yourself. scheduled. Contact John Andersch at jandersch@concordnh.gov for We appreciate you taking time to review these expectations andmore information. Rental registration opens June 8, 2023.look forward to a fun and safe summer at the pools.2023 Summer & Fall Page 9www.concordparksandrec.com"